BizPopUp Security and NFTs


BizPopUp is a secured platform to buy and to transfer limited series photographs as NFTs (Non Fungible Token) assets.
It means than next to your acquired photograph's digital file, you'll receive a NFT which acts as a Certificate of Authenticity and proves that you're the owner of the asset. The NFT is linked to your free registered account and is accompanied with a personal password that you can change whenever you want.


Your can transfer the NFT to a any free registered user of the platform. To proceed, you just need to connect to your personal account administration page and use the transfer facilities according to the facts that you owns all necessary photograph's credentials and the BizPopUp new owner's registered email address.
When the transfer is done, the new owner receives new NTF(s) credentials and can instantaneously manage its asset(s) through the Admin page.


All photographs transactions are stored in a secured database.
The database and back-ups storage ensure at any time that your asset ownership is kept safe and isn't polluted by faked and non-certified unwanted copies.


All buying transactions are made through Paypal. You can choose to pay using your personal account or your credit cards.
You get another security transaction traceability and obviously a secured money transfer process.